tl;dr - If you’re a huge J.Crew fan, go now.  If you’re XS or XL, there might still be some good finds.  If you wear a medium and you’re just looking for a good deal on a nice plaid shirt or a sweater, you already missed out.


J.Crew’s semi-annual sample sale opened today at 260 Fifth Avenue.  At 1:00pm the cold rain/snow couldn’t keep a steady line of about 90 people from waiting over 45 minutes to get in.  Once inside, items for men were all individually priced and included shirts for $25 and sweaters that rang in at $35 for wool and $90 for cashmere.  A broad range of sizes from XS to XL could be found, but the mediums were already starting the thin out.  There was also a table of dress shoes for $100 a pair and a few pairs of jeans.  Blazers ($120) and outerwear represented the best deals and selection.  Blazers were arranged according to size from 38-48 and if you’re in the market for a peacoat there were several racks of Bayswater peacoats in blue and black for $150 as well as a few Mayfair topcoats.

Some of J.Crew’s collaboration brands were also around.  With some digging you can find Thomas Mason shirts for $40 and Wallace & Barnes twill shirts for $25.  There were also some really nice W&B heavy parka samples for $150.  Unfortunately, 260 Fifth decided to remove all their usual fitting rooms and mirrors, so if you don’t already know your size, good luck finding out what fits.

With the steady stream of shoppers, the selection has probably gotten even slimmer by now.  Check it out if you’re a huge J.Crew fan, but if you’re just looking for a deal on current season styles in size medium, you might want to sit this one out.

1 year ago