Tl;dr - It’s just as good as the last one.

The Gant sample sale is underway now at 225 Fifth Ave. We were a little worried this sale was just going to be leftovers from the last one since it’s run by 260SampleSale but in a smaller space down the street. Rest assured though that it’s just as good as last time. Prices are pretty much the same with outerwear ranging from $75 for quilted vests to $300 for leather. Pants are $50 and blazers are $195. There were plenty of current season Items from both Gant Rugger and Michael Bastian including the Chamois Button Down ($45), the Cashmere Pocket Sweater, and Gant Rugger Cablecito sweaters in various colors (sweaters are $50). Pro tip:
As with all sample sales, be sure to check items before purchasing. I was about to purchase a pair of jeans until I noticed it was pocked with holes in the back and one pair of pants was hemmed to about a 28” inseam. Oh yeah, and there are no fitting rooms.

11 months ago
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